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Our Art Residency Program


In the near future  Chapungu will resume the Chapungu Residency Programme where selected artists are given a twelve month residency status that offers them greater professional security ,easier access to a good variety of stone and tools as well as professional exposure in the park’s galleries and in international exhibitions. At the end of each programme an Annual Exhibition will be held at Chapungu showcasing the artists’ works. Please contact for further information. 


However since 2014 Chapungu has allowed a group of artists to work from the premises and create works for sale.  The artists include 

Leo Berekai

Nhamo Chamutsa

Joram Chiyangwa

Jairos Clements

Cosmos  Kamhiriri

Benjamin Katiyo

Innocent Mahachi

Cephas Mukundi

Lloyd Mwarowa

Taylor Nkomo

Brian Nyanhongo

Luke Saidi

Vengai Saidi

Gift Tembo

Artist gallery

Leo Berekai
Born: 1976
Place: Chitungwiza ,Harare ,Zimbabwe


Leo comes from a family of sculptors. Leo's mother, the late Rachel Ndandarika, married in 1989 the famous First Generation Stone Sculptor Joseph Ndandarika. She continued his work after his death in 1997 and invited Leo to be her apprentice.  Leo joined his mother in sculpting at the age of thirteen. Later he was invited to work as an artist at Chapungu Sculpture Park in 2000 on his own merit and he continues to sculpt there.

Leo ‘s sculptures illustrate everyday life in Zimbabwe such as women nurturing their young offspring or going about their chores such as fetching firewood or selecting seeds, drummers drumming, people sitting together discussing, or hunters resting after the hunt. Leo’s sculpture brings a dignity to these daily tasks, which is still felt in his work.

He has exhibited in Germany, The Netherlands, South America and in the USA..

Artist gallery

Nhamo Chamutsa
Born: 1979
Place: Harare, Zimbabwe

In 1997 after finishing secondary school, Nhamo worked as an apprentice for his uncle Arthur Fata, at Chapungu Sculpture Park. Also through his family
connections, Nhamo came to know Sylvester Mubayi, a First Generation Sculptor, who set the art world alight by winning the most prestigious art event of those times in South Africa- “ The Ernest Oppenheimer Memorial Award for Sculpture”.


During his apprenticeship , Nhamo soon became an accomplished artist and gained residency at Chapungu Sculpture Park. In 2009 he was fortunate to collaborate with International Visiting Artists at Chapungu. Like his “Birds in Flight” it is now Nhamo’s time to fly. With his great technical skill Chapungu looks forward to major works of vision which will take our breath away.

Chamutsa says: “Sometimes what I sculpt comes from within, sometimes from what I see around me. Sometimes I move around the country seeing how people live, how they move and how they behave and I put these things into sculpture.”

There are several works by Nhamo in the Chapungu Sculpture Park Permanent Collection. Including a version of his “Birds In Flight” which capture the
movement and grace of these wild birds. Nhamo has exhibited in The Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the USA

Artist gallery

Joram Chiyangwa
Born: 1983
Place: Chivu , Zimbabwe

After Joram’s O Levels at Chapwanya School in Chivu, Joram came to Harare in 2002 to look for work. He got a job as a general hand in a small plumbing company but left after a few months to join Arthur Fata at Chapungu Sculpture Park as his assistant.


He learnt various sculpting techniques from Arthur andnow creates works that are identifiable. A keen physical exercise enthusiast, Joram has created popular works called “Stretching” showing elongated limbs and torsos. Joram continues to be inspired by Arthur Fata seeking to emulate Artur’s creativity and his approach to the stone. Joram’s sculptures have been exhibited in the United Kingdom, Switzerland,
Germany and the USA.

Artist gallery

Jairos Clements
Born: 1980
Place: Malawi

After the death of his Malawian father, Jairos’ Zimbabwean mother moved back to Zimbabwe. Jairos was five years old and he attended Makomo Primary
school in Epworth, Harare but never had the opportunity to high school because of financial constraints.
In 1998 he joined his brother Costa Balakasi in sculpting as an apprentice before going solo ten years later. Jairos’s significant works include female torsos and human figures as well as more abstract pieces.  He is inspired by the human form and creates most of his defined shapes using black serpentine also known as Springstone.


Jairos’ works have been exhibited in the United Kingdom, Switzerland , Germany
and the USA.

Artist gallery

Nicholas Kadzungura
Born: 1967
Place: Centenary, Zimbabwe

Nicholas attended St. Albert’s Secondary School in Centenary before being apprenticed to Damian Manuhwa, the famous first-generation artist. 
As a young artist , Kadzungura was inspired by the natural shapes of the stones as they appeared from the quarries. These forms continue to influence him. In 1997, Kadzungura was chosen for the Chapungu Resident Artist Program, where he continues to work. His subjects are comprised mainly of groups of people often children singing or adults in prayer, in discussion, or in mourning. He has recently ventured into creating animal sculptures out of the semi precious stones, Unakite, Verdite and Lepidolite.


He still surprises the viewer with his rendition of almost any subject matter. Nicholas has a quiet authority and stands out among the artists at Chapungu. He has exhibited in most of the Chapungu Sculpture Park Botanic Garden exhibitions held in Europe and the USA.

Artist gallery

Cosmos Kamhiriri Muchenje
Born: 1960
Place: Msana, near Bindura , Zimbabwe

From an early age Cosmaos showed artistic promise whilst at school, drawingcharts and illustrating diagrams for his teacher. It was his mother who
encouraged him to pursue his great interest when finishing his basic education. He later studied at the Canon Paterson Art Centre and the Peter Birch School of Art (mainly painting, rather than sculpting) and was influenced enormously by these early experiences. 
As a sculptor, Cosmos originally worked representationally in Verdite, but now works with all the serpentines and other semiprecious stones such as Lepidolite, Unakite and Marble, creating works that have a lyrical and graceful quality.


The late John Takawira and Edward Chiwawa were his early influences. He loved and admired these early artists. McEwan describes the Shona People as “Quiet,
reflective and deeply spiritual” Through his work and his life Muchenje reflects these qualities.
His sculptures incorporate the natural organic forms of stone and in some of his works he fuses the stone with drift or reclaimed wood. He is also well known for his depictions of the resting antelope and other animal forms. Cosmos has exhibited in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and the